Idle Paws Dog Training provides premier dog training services to the metro Atlanta area.  Our effective rewards-based training utilizes modern, positive reinforcement training techniques and methods.  We do NOT use any physical punishment methods.  NO choke chains, NO pinch collars, NO e-collars.  All training is pain-free, force-free, and will help build the bond between you and your dog! 

            Whether you’re looking for a communal experience with a Group Class, a more personal approach with Private Training, or the hands-on training experience of Dog Only Training, we’ve got the right fit for you!

            Thinking about getting a dog?  Check out our Adoption Consultation that includes selection advice and training at a discounted rate!

            Idle Paws Dog Training can address all dog behaviors and work with any training need.  Areas of training include, but are not limited to:

• Adoption    • Puppy Essentials    • Potty Training    • Chewing    • Nipping    • Jumping           

• Pulling on Leash    • Separation Anxiety    • Resource Guarding    • Leash-Reactivity          

• Aggression with People    • Aggression with Dogs    • General Fear and Anxiety          

• Barking    •  Thunderphobia    • Therapy Dog Training         

• Basic Obedience    • Intermediate Obedience    • Advanced Obedience          

• Introduction to Agility    • Introduction to Nose Work