Maxx Schube - Paisley

Michael Litzky with Idle Paws Dog Training truly exceeded my expectations!  We were trying to correct some behavioral issues with our Goldendoodle Paisley, such as leash aggression, jumping on guests when they visited our home, plus prepare her as a registered service dog.  Michael has a confident yet caring approach that gained an instant trusting relationship with her.  She responded to him IMMEDIATELY!

I have had multiple dogs over the years and have gone for training in the past, but no one ever explained dog psychology to me the way Michael did.  He taught me what I needed to do to train her plus the logic behind it.  He emphasized consistency and positive reinforcement.  He effectively demonstrated what we needed to do until both Paisley and I got it right.  It worked like a charm!

I am so appreciative to Michael and Idle Paws Dog Training for his patience, professional demeanor, and excellent training skills.  He made it an enjoyable experience for Paisley and for me!

-           Maxx Schube

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The Glickman Family - Wylie

As first time dog owners, we were EXTREMELY nervous about getting a dog. Once we surprised the kids with the big news, I contacted Michael Litzky with Idle Paws Dog Training and asked him to come to the house. Michael walked us through all of the supplies we would need for our new puppy. He talked to us about where to put the gates, the crate, etc. Michael taught the whole family about the routines that we needed to set up from the moment we brought home our new puppy. Michael was patient with all of my "first timer" questions, and related well with my kids.

When we brought Wylie home, we implemented all of the things Michael had taught us. He came back numerous times to help us with training. Wylie loved Michael and was responding to beginning commands in no time! We consider ourselves so lucky to have had Michael guide us through puppy prep and puppy training!

-          Lisa Glickman


Helene Marcus - Callie

Michael Litzky with Idle Paws Dog Training has been amazing for Callie and our family!  When Callie was a puppy, she began training with Michael.  He taught her all of the basic commands and helped socialize her with other dogs, which is so important and allows her to be successful in a puppy daycare or play date situation.  Michael is kind, but firm, and Callie is absolutely obsessed with him.  Three years later, Michael continues to work with Callie on her shyness to people and occasional jumping on new people.  I would highly recommend Michael and Idle Paws Dog Training.  He is very communicative, professional and timely.  My Callie is my life and I 110% trust Michael with the training and well-being of my 3 year old Golden Retriever.

-          Helene Marcus

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